Givenchy F/W17 Duetto

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Google Duetto, and you’ll find that its English translation is Duet, with its Latin origin being Two. Which is pretty odd, because this bag is just one bag – a new one in fact from Parisian label Givenchy. What’s ‘two’ about it then? Well, it could actually be referring to the dual complementary colour schemes the Duetto comes in, where colours like Caramel, Blue, Pink, Red, or Yellow are combined to great effect. Or it could be due to the fact that there are two compartments on the inside. Then it could be the fact that there are both grained and smooth calfskin leathers used on the same bag, grained for the body, smooth for the flap. Your guess is as good as mine.


And if you find the flap familiar, you’re right. Its triangular flap is actually drawn from the Antigona, with the label’s logo printed near the pointed edge. Inside, you’ll find sufficient space for your everyday essentials like the phone, a compact wallet and even those sunglasses to counter our ongoing heat wave. When you’re done, just snap it back shut by way of its magnetic closure and you’re good to go, carrying it across the body (or over your shoulder) with its adjustable leather strap.

Part of Givenchy’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection, the 23 cm by 15 cm leather bag is priced at SGD1350, which is a pretty good price point considering luxury bags these days easily cross the SGD2000 mark. But before you get all excited, do note that the Duetto will be only be launched worldwide come 15 June 2017. Save the date, head down on the 15th and who knows, you might end up making sweet music with this little number.

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The Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote in Contrast Epi Leather

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I have a small confession to make: I’ve never really gotten the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote. Sure, I can recognize that it’s both a beloved classic bag and a great, functional option for those who need to carry a lot, but it’s never been a bag that sparked much personal interest in me. I’m not a tote bag person in general, so my affections have always run more toward Vuitton’s single-strap shoulder bags and crossbodies. All it took was some pink detailing, though, and I’m all aboard the Neverfull bandwagon.

Part of the Neverfull’s appeal is that its simplicity makes it a perfect canvas for variation, embellishment and seasonal adornment without sacrificing functionality. It’s been emblazoned with everything from Yayoi Kusama’s signature dots to Jeff Koons’s, well…whatever it was he did. The wide open space of a Neverfull side panel holds endless possibility.

With this version, though, the devil is in the details (and mostly inside the bag itself). Louis Vuitton’s hardy Epi leather is usually a single-tone material, but lately, Vuitton has been releasing some of its Epi bags with contrasting interiors and edge paint. The contrasting interior is something I’ve loved since Mansur Gavriel made it its signature when the brand debuted in 2013, and since then, nearly every brand has imitated the look. In this instance, though, LV takes it one step further my extending the neon pink interior to the bag’s edges, which is what I love the best. The move sharpens the lines of the bag’s iconic structure and makes the whole thing feel new all over again. If I were in the market for a tote, this version of the Neverfull would be at the top of my list.

Buy through Louis Vuitton for $2,050. This version is the MM; if you want something similar but with a more subdued color combination, the bag is also available in deep purple with pale pink accents.

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Ireland Baldwin on ELLE Bulgaria May 2017 CoverIreland Baldwin on ELLE Bulgaria May 2017 Cover

Ireland Baldwin looks colorful in stripes on the May 2017 cover of ELLE Bulgaria. Photographed by Ryan Jerome, the daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger wears a Fendi dress over a Red Valentino top. In the accompanying spread, Ireland looks sporty chic in styles from the spring collections. Stylist Bruno Lima dresses the blonde in the designs of TommyxGigi, Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung and more. For beauty, hairstylist Sienree Du creates Ireland’s sleek ponytail with makeup by Leibi Carias. 


Photographed by Ryan Jerome, Ireland Baldwin poses in sporty looks for the fashion editorialPhotographed by Ryan Jerome, Ireland Baldwin poses in sporty looks for the fashion editorialEmbracing stripes, Ireland Baldwin models Red Valentino top, Fendi dress and AGL sneakersEmbracing stripes, Ireland Baldwin models Red Valentino top, Fendi dress and AGL sneakersIrelend Baldwin wears TommyxGigi cardigan, bikini top and patchwork skirtIrelend Baldwin wears TommyxGigi cardigan, bikini top and patchwork skirt
Looking ready for tennis, Ireland Baldwin models Red Valentino skirt and No Ka' Oi topLooking ready for tennis, Ireland Baldwin models Red Valentino skirt and No Ka’ Oi topIreland Baldwin models TommyxGigi crop top with Tommy Hilfiger bikini bottomsIreland Baldwin wears TommyxGigi crop top with Tommy Hilfiger bikini bottomsStanding strong, Irelend Baldwin models August Getty top, Fendi jacket and adidas skirtStanding strong, Irelend Baldwin models August Getty top, Fendi jacket and adidas skirt

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Helena Christensen stars in Debenhams' summer 2017 campaign

Helena Christensen stars in Debenhams’ summer 2017 campaign

Supermodel Helena Christensen takes on warm weather style for the Summer 2017 campaign from British fashion retailer Debenhams. The new advertisements focus on four unique trends for the colorful shots captured by Max Abadian (Atelier Management). In one shot, Helena flaunts her supermodel figure in an one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline. And in another image, the Danish beauty poses in a tropical inspired Bardot top with ruffled bikini bottoms. At 48-years-old, Helena looks as gorgeous as ever in the sun-drenched shots. Discover more campaign images below as well as short clip starring the brunette.


Supermodel Helena Christensen poses in an one-piece swimsuit from DebenhamsSupermodel Helena Christensen poses in an one-piece swimsuit from DebenhamsHelena Christensen models  floral print shirt and ruffled bikini bottoms from DebenhamsHelena Christensen models floral print shirt and ruffled bikini bottoms from DebenhamsA lady in red, Helena Christensen models sleeveless dress in Debenhams’ summer 2017 campaignA lady in red, Helena Christensen models sleeveless dress in Debenhams’ summer 2017 campaign

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They said that one should be fearless in the pursuit of what sets their soul on fire and if it involves owning gazillions of bags, trust that you will always have our 100% support. As a true bag-frenzied friend, we are here to introduce another Chanel bag that might cater to your fancy. Without further ado, here’s Chanel Metallic Square Mini Classic Flap Bag with Black CC Turnlock in all its glory.

An iconic bag that captured the hearts of many, the iconic Chanel Square Mini Classic Flap Bag is no wonder a favourite style staple among fashionistas. Pairing it over their casual shirt and jeans combo or their girly dresses, this Chanel creation is definitely a must-have whatever the season might be!

First seen in Chanel Spring Summer 2017 Collection, this mini bag is reinvented with metallic finishing to tailor fit into the label’s futuristic theme. It purposely pairs with the black on black hardware, which is another new hit for this season.

The bag is still sporting the same thick diamond quilting that Chanel is famously known for. It also still features the leather woven chain shoulder strap for easy and effortless shoulder carrying. The one thing that differs it from all the other Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bags out there would be its beautiful black CC turn lock and the black hardware all over the bag.

Style code A35200, measuring 5.3′ x 6.7′ x 3.1′ inches, estimated price is $2900 USD, €2250 euro, £2100 GBP, $3590 SGD, $18900 HKD, $3780 AUD, ¥318600 JPY, ¥16800 CNY via Chanel boutiques.


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Cartier Icons: Écrou de Cartier

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When Aldo Cipullo declared his love for the humble hardware store back in the 70s, creating the groundbreaking LOVE and Juste un Clou jewellery collections, it was only time before Cartier revealed a new design featuring something hardware-related. And time it did take till they found the perfect accompaniment to the Juste en Clou, with the all new Écrou de Cartier collection that just made its debut in Singapore.


Don’t be fooled by this seemingly simple bracelet, which at first glance just looks like a circle-shaped bolt adorned with 6 nuts. Give it a thought and try answering these questions? How is it completely seamless from end to end without a clasp showing? How would you open the bracelet to wear it on your wrist? Just how did they do it?


Well, one of the nuts (one of two that’s affixed permanently to the bracelet’s body) actually holds the secret to opening the bracelet. There’s a small clasp near the nut that you can press to unlock the mechanism, allowing the bracelet to be pulled open. Next, just slip it onto your wrist, bring both ends together till you hear a ‘click’ and it’s secured.

Another feat that one can marvel over is the fact that the four nuts in the middle of the bracelet can be moved; you can twist them up or down the elongated bolt body that’s been curved into a perfectly round shape. Which can be truly therapeutic if you think about it, especially when that tedious meeting with the Boss never seems to end.

In other words, genius doesn’t come close to describing the Écrou de Cartier’s design that comes in 6 different sizes, ranging from 15 cm to 20 cm. The perfect blend of form meeting function, the bracelet has been exclusively launched in Cartier’s Ngee Ann City boutique, which also happens to be the first boutique in Southeast Asia and Australia to offer this collection. Priced at SGD9100 and SGD9750 for Pink Gold and White Gold bracelets respectively, they will also be the best thing to add onto your #wristparty because more is definitely more. With that said, however, do go nuts and bolt down to Cartier stat because they are only available in limited quantities.


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