Love It or Leave It: The New Dior Runway Bag

2016-7-29 fashion Fashion

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Celebs Exude Chill Summer Vibes with New Bags from Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel, & More

2016-7-27 fashion Fashion

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How Much Models REALLY Make

2016-5-18 fashion Fashion

If you have been signing for the modeling career for a long time now, that’s because you see no further than those glossy magazines, photoshoots, lookbooks and graceful models sashaying down the runways as pleased as Punch and that’s because you don’t have even a single doubt in that they are making really big money and living the life of Riley. But get ready to know the dirty secrets behind the modeling industry, which might really disappoint you to bits and propel you to just continue thumbing through those glossy magazines. We already know what it actually takes to be a supermodel, also know many top models that dream of something bigger than modeling, and now we are going to reveal the truth about how much models really make in the fashion industry, of course unless they are Gigi HadidKendall Jenner or Bella Hadid, the latter of which was reportedly paid a whopping $400,000 by MISHA Collection to walk for their runway show at the Australian Fashion Week.

How Much Models REALLY Make

The investigative series, “Runway Injustice” kicked off by CNN Money, has recently touched on the aspect of how much models make in the industry and the result is just daunting with dozens of models accusing modeling agencies of labor abuses, namely fat commissions, absurd work expenses and fees that often reduce the initially-promised paychecks leaving them with just a small amount of money. Even more ridiculous are the cases when models end up in considerable debts to the agencies.

Typically, modeling agencies charge 20% commission from the models’ paychecks but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Starting from air tickets and group housing to all promotional websites, photoshoots, portfolios and even “comp cards”, all these financial expenses are charged from the models. Some even more shocking cases have been registered like the one with model Louisa Raske, when she found out having been charged for the flowers the agency brought for her birthday. And the same model also showed past statement from another agency where it was evident that she was charged $250 from her paycheck for a client’s Christmas gifts without her being aware of that.

Among other abused models is Jamaican Alexa Palmer, who filed against the Trump Model Management claiming that the expenses charged from her added up to $12,000 in only three years, while the male model Alex Shanklin remembers to have been booked for a catalog photoshoot for $1000, which was actually reduced into only $150 after certain travel expenses.

In defense of their not committing anything wrong or unjust, the agencies told CNN Money that they invest significant resources to help their models climb the success ladder and all those fees and taxes charged are just a part of the business. Actually, some prevention measures were taken more than a decade ago when a class-action lawsuit threw discredit upon the commissions and the agencies had to pay out a multi-million dollar settlement, pledging to be more transparent from that moment on. However, 20% commission continues to ride high among modeling agencies and what makes it even more outrageous is that the 20% commission is charged not only from the models but also from their clients, thus totally proving that the modeling agencies are overt labor abusers.

According to some attorneys, the main reason that these agencies are allowed to charge such high commissions is that they introduce themselves as “management companies” rather than employment agencies, which are actually limited to charging fees by the state law.

As if the aforementioned was not enough to abuse models, the CNN Money brought to light one more absurd aspect of the industry. It is those cash advances for a 5% interest rate that most of the models have to take from the agency since the paychecks take several months to turn into cash. And heaven forbid, if it so happens that the initially promised paycheck shrinks into less than cash advances or just disappears into thin air: the model thus ends up not only with zero profit, but also owing money to the agency.

For example, retired model Carina Vretman has had a similar experience with a German modeling agency, which administered her free trip to Denmark for a catalog photoshoot but her shooting resulted in not only earning zero cent, but also the agency’s statement that she owes them 700 euro for promotional expenses.

Despite so many overt wrongdoing facts against the modeling agencies, attorney Robert Hantman, representing one of the defendants in the lawsuit, pushed forward some excuses in favor of agencies, claiming; “Until someone becomes a commercially viable model, it’s their agencies that pay their rent, advance their money, pay for the pictures that go in their ‘lookbooks,’ and help them with stylists. They spend a lot of money trying to develop the models.”

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2016-5-18 fashion Fashion

When Sarah Lalji set out to launch Regal Tiger, her new line of diaphanous, light-as- air dresses, caftans, and separates, she had two goals in mind. One: to produce the most luxurious lounge and resort wear possible, and two: to raise awareness for animal conservation. A huge animal lover, the second mission came easily through a partnership with Panthera, the world's only organization dedicated exclusively to the protection of wild cats and their vast landscapes (they work to protect big cats all over the world by working with local people to save them). The partnership is founded on activism and transparency, with a dedicated percentage (15%) of each purchase supporting ongoing global preservation efforts.

Consequentially, the big cat theme runs throughout her inaugural collection. Featuring animal prints such as tigers and cockatoos, the 100% silk garments were inspired by exotic destinations, and look just as chic with a bikini as when worn as a matched, printed suit. "Everything is 100% US made and with the best quality silk," explained Lalji over tea. Exceptional quality, tailoring (the maxi dress has a thoughtful, small train that floats out elegantly when you walk), and luxury were the key elements for the designer; who is as passionate about animals as she is fashion. Raised in California, Lalji held a senior level corporate position (which she quickly found unfulfilling), before deciding to launch her own label. "My husband is Indian, and after learning more about his culture and wearing saris I fell in love with their beauty and craftsmanship," she says. "I wanted to join that Eastern influence with my Californian background and decided to launch Regal Tiger. I'm also a huge animal supporter and wanted to merge fashion with animal activism without making it too granola-y. I call it fashion activism."

Available at, the collection has the sort of luxurious ease that allows for a couple of pieces to be thrown in a suitcase before jet setting off on your summer vacation (with the knowledge that you're also helping the animals). In the end, Lalji says it best, "We're promoting purpose beyond profit in the luxury space. Our customer is always compassionate—and that's what's truly beautiful."

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Incredible Street Style From Australian Fashion Week

2016-5-18 fashion Fashion

Incredible Street Style From Australian Fashion Week

Over the weekend Fashion Week kicked off in Australia (MBFWA) with a show by local evening-wear label, Maticevski, and now we’re about to start the third day of shows.

This is the first year that the Sydney-based event has been held in May instead of the usual week-long slot in April, a decision made to accommodate the showing of Resort collections, and help the local collection releases fit with international seasons. (Remember, summer in Australia is winter over here, hence the need for a more trans-seasonal resort showing.)

Aussie fashion girls were out in Sydney for day one and two, which means we already have dozens of killer outfits to see, pin, and ultimately copy. Keep clicking to see the best street style from MBFWA

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BritishBeautyBlogger X Latest In Beauty Collaborate!

2016-5-17 fashion Fashion


BritishBeautyBlogger X Latest In Beauty

Drumroll please!!! BritishBeautyBlogger has teamed up with Latest In Beauty to create a beauty box filled with delightful products from the L’Occitane family! The box is aptly named ‘Precious Petals’ and each item inside the box is inspired by plants and flowers.


These items have all been handpicked by BritishBeautyBlogger as her favourites from the L’Occitane Family. Jane of BritishBeautyBlogger is arguably the biggest and most respected beauty blogger in the UK and her encyclopedic knowledge of the beauty industry is impressive and enviable. She never puts her name to a collaboration she doesn’t believe in, so you can trust that these seven products are truly her favourites. Many of the items I am already familiar with (L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, Cherry Blossom Hand Cream and Divine Cream) I absolutely adore and consider some of my all-time favourite L’Occitane products, everything else, I have been using over the last few days and I am also loving! Also, inside the box, I was super excited to find a voucher for £10 off when £30 or more is spent in L’Occitane, meaning you can trial the products in the box and buy your favourites with a nice saving.

What’s In The Box?

Is it just me, or can you not hear the words ‘What’s in the box?’ without thinking of the classic 90’s horror film Seven?! Anyway, inside the box you will find:

  • L’Occitane Divine Cream (8ml)
  • L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil (75ml)
  • L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (30ml)
  • Melvita L’Or Bio Hair and Body Oil (17ml)
  • Melvita Rose Floral Water (28ml)
  • Erborian CC Cream (15ml)
  • Erborian Camellia Essence (3ml)

The BritishBeautyBlogger X Latest In Beauty ‘Precious Petals’ Box is available from Latest In Beauty. If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing boxes, make sure you order it ASAP as it’s very likely they won’t be around for long!


L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream






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